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What's on offer?

All the therapies listed below offer many benefits which include

- balance to body, mind and emotions

- enhance well-being, increase mobility and stamina

- energise and reinvigorate

- encourage natural states of relaxation

All allow our innate ability to heal to strengthen.


One-to One Yoga

I offer three chair yoga classes and one Hatha yoga class:


Chair Yoga

Tuesdays - 10.00am to 10.45am - Knapton Village Hall, Knapton.  Cost £5

Wednesdays - 10.00am to 10.45am - Jubilee Room, Coronation Hall, Mundesley.  Cost £4

Fridays - 11.00am to 11.45am - Trimingham Village Hall, Trimingham.  Cost £5


Hatha Yoga 

Tuesdays - 7.00pm to 18.00pm - Knapton Village Hall, Knapton. Cost £6

Drumming Circles

The next Drumming Circle at The Pilgrim Shelter, Trimingham is on Monday 24th June 2024


The next Drumming Circle at The Copeman Centre, Briston is on Thursday 20th May 2024


No experience of drumming is required to come along to either of these groups.  Some drums are available to borrow on the evening.  If you have your own drum, please bring it along.

Click here to book your place.

One-to-One yoga sessions are a great way to learn yoga specific to your needs, whether that need is wanting to experience yoga before joining a class, wanting to find ways to deepen a practice or as yoga therapy to find ways to help a specific condition.

Click here to book a One-to-One

Sunday Brunch Club

I am fortunate to be included in a wonderful collaboration with

Every two to three months Amie Airie, Catherine Alice Maze and myself offer a morning retreat known as The Sunday Brunch Club  where during the morning yoga, brunch, sound bath and massage are offered to help relax, nourish and nurture body and mind.


We all have the ability to help ourselves heal. 

Reiki is a therapy that helps to induce a state of deep relaxation, opening the energy channels of the recipient to receive a boost of the healing energy to the already natural healing energy that is available to everyone and flows through us.

Click here to book a Reiki Treatment


Karen B

Drumming Circle - 14th Feb

It was perfect 

Beautiful hall.  Amazing energies. Lovely souls.

Dawn S

Drumming Circle - 14th Feb

Loved my first experience of the Drumming Circle, I didn't know what to expect but will definitely be coming again.


Drumming Circle - 22nd April

I had a great evening, loved the location, the intimacacy, lighting. I enjoyed the different activities and the participation of those present. I shall come again.

p.s. and the cards, crystals and chocolate.

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